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Peter Webster
12 May
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Peter Webster

"I'm not in the closet but I don't want to march in any parades either."

He's twenty-five, attending the Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences where he's studying with the hopes of becoming a medical researcher. As it stands, he has a spot doing bench research at Sloan Kettering in NYC, specifically leukemia--the strain of cancer that took the life of his twin brother, Jimmy.

He's also the son of an Episcopalian priest, grandson of one of the church's bishops and if you want to trace the family's history farther...you can go all the way back to Daniel Webster, yes that Daniel Webster. Church is a central part of life, he's even in the choir. It's also a major cause of his headaches.

His brother Adam and his sister Grace help round out the headaches and disasters in his life. At least the ones Peter isn't directly responsible for himself. Just mention the name Congreve around him and watch him start to twitch. (Adam will probably start laughing and Grace will pick up a sketch book)

Like many people his age, Peter's love life is a mess. While trying to reconnect with his college sweetheart, Josh, he's been tripped up, set-up, screwed up and just plain mixed-up on more than one occasion. (Again, Congreve)

These days he is seriously thinking about getting his own place in the city, away from his family and somewhere near sanity.

Not the journal of a real person. This is a FICTIONAL journal for role playing and prompt writing only. Peter Webster and The Book of Daniel belong to NBC and Christian Campbell belongs to himself. The contents of this journal belong to the mun but do not necessarily reflect their personal beliefs or opinions. Content may at times be ADULT in nature. If this bothers you, go away.

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